Art Supply List

Art Supplies for Illustrating Artifacts:

Ruler and T-square
Caliper for measuring artifacts
Drawing paper/pad for pencil, pen, and ink
2-H pencil and eraser
Ink pens (Micron is a good brand available at Michael’s or Aaron Bros; pen sizes: 0.20; 0.25 (Note: purchase pens individually since packaged pens include sizes not normally used.)

Art supplies on table
Tools of the Trade

Soft paint or cosmetic brush (for brushing eraser pieces away from paper)
White-out (sponge or tape kind will work – for fixing the “oops”)
Loop or magnifying glass
Overhead lamp
Sand paper for cleaning eraser
Paper towel (placed over portions of drawing to keep paper from absorbing oil from hand/wrist)
Artist tape for taping corner of paper to table (doesn’t tear like regular masking tape)

Nickels: taping 2 nickels to the underside of a ruler or T-square, keeps ink from smudging when you lift the ruler.

Before purchasing the more expensive items, download coupons. I’ve been known to use 50% or 40% coupons on a watercolor brush one day, print another coupon and go back the next day for another brush.

It’s OK . . . most likely you’ll end up buying other art supplies; but it will save you a lot on the big ticket items!